Feeling weary from all the excitement – decided to kick back and enjoy some relaxing time.

After Kruger, we drove back to Johannesburg and stayed in a hotel by name Palazzo Monte Casino.  We checked into a room on the ground floor and it was amazing. All that we wanted to do is to hit the bed especially after a long drive. ( we took the panorama route which takes 8 hours ). The hotel was fantastic especially the view from the room, peacocks running around all day and yeah – Mangwanani ( traditional African experience ) spa by the pool side  – bliss!

By the Pool Side

Our Stay

Day 1 : We drove to Sandton, Nelson Mandela Square and it was time for some shopping therapy in the Sandton mall. We got back to the hotel by 6 ( as most of our friends and locals suggested that we don’t venture out in the dark by ourselves in Johannesburg ). We had dinner in the adjacent Monte Casino mall which is quite interesting in its make – see for yourself in the pictures below. We spent all three nights having dinner with friends in and around the hotel.



 MonteCasino Mall

Day 2 : The next day, we went to the Monte Casino Bird Park which has a variety of birds  including Scarlet Ibises, Nicobar pigeons, colourful parrots, Cranes, flamingos and small animals like iguanas, marmosets and tamarins, with smaller antelope wandering freely in the undergrowth. The bird show ‘Flights of Fantasy’ was so much fun as it featured pelicans, vultures, cranes and owls.



Day 3 : Arjun’s friend owned a boat and so the next morning we went driving to his place ( which was through the suburbs of Johannesburg ) And then thourougly enjoyed the boat ride, minus the scrotching heat !



Though we did not do much in Jo’berg, it was surely a relaxing time. This helped us gear up for our next city – Cape town.

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