Floating on Lowest Point on Earth – Dead Sea ! Do’s and Dont’s !

The drive from Wadi Rum Desert to Dead Sea was adventurous ( we visited the Hot Main springs enroute ) and then finally reached the Hilton Dead Sea hotel.


The view from our room was amazing – check the picture below to believe me 😊 and the best thing was that the hotel had a direct access to the beach !


The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and is one of the world’s saltiest body of water which is the reason why we float on the water.

After resting for a while, we walked down to the beach and we slathered our entire body with the black dead sea mud which is world renowned for its healing properties. Then we got into the lake ( not sure why they call it a sea ) and as soon as we lifted our feet off the lake bed, the natural buoyancy of water made us float ! Initially it was tough as the water feels thick and oily but then we get used to it after a while.

Floating on the dead sea and looking at the changing colours of the sky as the sun set is an experience that we will always cherish.



We spent the early morning next day lounging on the sundeck of a floating pontoon on the beautiful waters of the Dead Sea and enjoyed the rest of the day in the swim-up pool bar ! Yeah , even people like me who do not know swimming can relax in here  🙂



One thing worth mentioning was the view during our dinner. While having dinner in the hotel, across the lake, I could see the twinkling lights in Israel. The scenery was bewitching and exciting as i was right there having dinner in one country enjoying the view of another country 😊

Couple of tips :

  • Wear your swim suit or shorts and water shoes preferably ! The lake bed has jagged formations, blanket of salt crystals that can cut the bottom of your feet.
  • Beware of any cuts and also don’t shave for a few days before floating in dead sea ! You don’t want to go though the feeling !
  • Use a sunscreen lotion without FAIL !
  • Definitely would recommend you to stay in one of the five star properties which has a direct access to Dead Sea.


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