An Ultimate Guide for a Road Trip in Jordan

Petra ! Petra was the reason that I even started reading about Jordan.  Since then ( must say it has been three years ) that I had been thinking of a trip to Jordan. While the entire Middle East region may conjure up some volatility, Jordan is surely a safe country.

Jordan is a chock-full of interesting places and a road trip is one of the BEST ways to explore this beautiful country. Jordanians welcome you with so much warmth and hospitality ! “Welcome to Jordan” is what you will hear from every Jordanian be it a local shopkeeper or a tourist guide.

Jordan is much more than just Petra or Dead Sea. People generally overlook a lot of places while planning their trip to Jordan ! Don’t do that !

I am super excited to share my experiences and tips with all of you !  Jordan is one of those Off-beat places which I recommend each one of you reading this blog to please not JUST visit but EXPERIENCE Jordan.

Visa :  Jordan Visa is On Arrival for INDIANS. If you are not from India, kindly look up online to see what is applicable for you.

Basic Documents needed for Visa on Arrival : ( From INDIA to JORDAN )

  • Passport ( minimum 6 months validity and enough pages for stamping)
  • Photos ( you can go to any studio nearby for this , you will get it in 15 minutes )
  • Flight Tickets and Accommodation Details
  • Itinerary
  • NOC from your company that you work at
  • Bank statements ( you can just take a print online of the statements that your bank sends you by mail every month )
  • Pay slips & 3 years IT returns ( Income proof )
  • JORDAN PASS Print Out ( Take multiple copies of the pass with you just in case )

Currency: Jordanian Dina which equals to around 90-91 INR. Please check for the conversion rates. You can carry USD to Jordan and convert USD to JOD in Jordan itself.  You not only will come across a lot of outlets but also will get a good conversion rate in Jordan.

VISA Fees : Visa Fees is around 40 JOD per person on arrival. But this fees can be exempted if you buy Jordan pass. Yes, you read it right !

JORDAN PASS : Please visit the website for all the details on Jordan pass. Jordan pass enables a pre-paid entry to around 40 attractions –  ( Does not Include  “Petra by night” and “Ma’in Hot Springs” ). Tourist entry visa fees is waived off if you purchase the Jordan pass prior to your arrival to Jordan and stay a minimum of three nights in Jordan.  You can buy the pass suitable to you online and carry the print out of the pass with you.

You can show this at the immigration and don’t have to worry about paying the visa fees 😊

Trust me, Jordan Pass was very useful for us and helped us save some money !

Flight We flew in and out of  Amman – capital of Jordan !

From India, you have many flights to Jordan. The cheapest is Air Arabia but because of some of the reviews that I read about the experiences of people in Sharjah airport and also about this particular flight – I zeroed in on Emirates ( ) . Though it is surely expensive than Air Arabia, we personally preferred flying in Emirates. I think you can choose your flights depending on your comfort and budget that you have planned. I have always got some amazing deals and discounts while booking flights through .

Accomodation: We booked our Amman, Petra & Wadi Rum stay via and our stay at Dead Sea and Aqaba via

Weather : When is the best time to visit Jordan?

Warm Days and Cool Nights. March to May is surely the high season in Jordan. We visited early June and the weather was good. It wasn’t bad at all. But if you can plan it around March to May then nothing like it.

It all depends on your itinerary. If you plan to visit only  Jordan in its entirety, then March to May is the best as the weather varies from north to south of Jordan.

The summer is extreme from June to Aug  followed by Autumn ( mid Sep – Nov ) with only a couple of weeks marking the shift out of high summer followed by Winter. Please DO NOT visit during the July and August months as it gets too hot and avoid June also if you can.

Getting Around Jordan:

We rented a car from Sixt ( Car Hiring Company ) through the website .  So, once we landed – we picked up the car from the airport and dropped it off on our return in the airport itself ( Queen Alia International Airport ).

SIM : We always buy SIM at the airport.  Please pick up a SIM at the airport itself. Once you walk out after your immigration and security check,  towards your left are stores where you can buy SIM and towards the right are car rental companies like Sixt.

Please pick up the SIM either from the company Zain or Umniah. We also took an additional 40 min free talktime to INDIA for an additional 1 JOD.

Itinerary : Jordan Road Trip Itinerary


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