A Weekend in Okinawa Islands !

As mentioned at the start of my blog, a visit to Okinawa island was in my friend’s bucket list.  She planned the entire trip for me and for once I was just going with the flow !

You can fly from Tokyo to Naha Airport of Okinawa and hire a car at the airport. It is advisable to drive around the island as it is much easier and will help you visit more places if you have a tight schedule.

NotePre-book your car. The company that you hire your car from will take you to their car rental office in a shuttle from the airport. ( Yes the car hire  is outside the airport 😊) So, please go to the rental cars shuttle bus stop.

Here are few things you can do in Okinawa over the weekend:

  • Visit the Shuri castle. You have a parking fee but entry to the castle is free. You can walk around the castle for some lovely views and pictures.


  • Ryukyu-sabo Ashibiuna – Try having a meal at this restaurant which is housed in a old private Okinawan residence overlooking the garden.
  • Relax in a resort of your choice ( We stayed at the Ana Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort )  and choose hotels/resorts which offer activities like diving so that you don’t have to drive to another place just for these activities.  Please pre-book your slots for Scuba diving ! You can reach out to the resort/hotel you are staying at for pre-booking,



  • Drive through the Kouri Ohashi Bridge for a great view of the blue ocean and relax by the beach.


  • Visit the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium which was the largest aquarium in the world until 2005 and a home to huge whale sharks and manta rays.



  • We also visited the Mihama American village where many American military bases are located and their entertainment complex theme of Americana resembles big American outdoor shopping malls , restaurants, cafes and a large parking lot.


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