A night in Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp !

We drove from Aqaba to Wadi Rum ( we could have stopped over while driving from Petra too ) but we were very keen on staying at Wadi Rum Night Luxury camp and hence as per their availability, we rested in Aqaba first and then went to Wadi Rum.

We passed the entrance gates to Wadi Rum Protected Area (the Visitor Center) where you are required to pay 5 JOD per person ( this will be waived off if you can show the Jordan pass ) and then you drive around 7km to the village, where you can leave the car at the parking, This is a very safe parking and you will meet a local person there for transfers to the camp. ( you will receive an email with all the details once you make the booking ).

We first went on a jeep tour in the desert where in the driver takes you around showing you different sites in the desert , some of which are the Nabatean temple, Rock Bridge, Sand dunes and so on.










Depending on your interests and budget, you can also try a hot air balloon ride or a camel ride or even go for organized hikes/climbing with the guide. You may have to pre-book these with the camps you are staying at.

I was so thrilled to see the Mars camp site ( site where Martian movie was shot ) and even excited when I got into my tent and saw how beautiful it was. We relaxed, relished the buffet spread and finally the shisha and tea ! I couldn’t wait to go back to my tent that night, lie down gazing at the stars and thought to myself that not everyday would we get to experience something like this.









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